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Justin Panigutti

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About The Music

   Throughout the course of my musical career, I have learned three life lessons that continue to instruct and direct my actions, as I navigate the ever changing waters of life:                          

    Music is and always will be my home. Be it a garage, vehicle, stage, field, porch, kitchen line... No matter what we do or where we go, music follows us. So, I guess I'm always at home.

    Music and it's frequency is extremely powerful. It can, and will, change the world for the better. Not on some cheesy, hippy dippy level, in reality. No doubt.  

    I am deeply humbled to be a part of the musical community to which I call home. So long as there is good music and ample love in the world we have nothing to fear. 


   Drawing from this knowledge, I am committed to creating and performing music with feeling. If you can't feel music, then you're just hearing things.

   Whether leading a big band, my own band, or performing a solo show, I am always at home knowing I am on stage with all my friends.

 Every performance I take on is a true depiction of me and my craft and how I connect with my fellow musicians and audiences.

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Into The Mystic
Van Morrison Tribute
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Want to learn more about Justin Panigutti, his music, and tour dates? Need To Rock a Party? Wedding?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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 "Former Bearquarium vocalist Justin Panigutti leads a project called Into the Mystic: A Tribute to Van Morrison. From the first time I heard Bearquarium many years ago, I always wondered what it would sound like if Panigutti were to sing Van the Man, since their vocal timbres are so alike. Then, shortly thereafter, I heard him doing just that while busking on Church Street one summer evening. And, holy hell, dude doesn't just sound like Van Morrison; I seriously think Panigutti should get his DNA tested to find out who his real grandfather is. It's that eerie.-Dan Bolles, Seven Days

"Lead vocalist Justin Panigutti, displays the voice of a howling blues man; a blues man demonized by whiskey bottles and wild women. Fans will be drawn to Panigutti's voice, as one might hear the ghosts and shadows of many fallen blues men in his voice. -J.Evan Wade, Homegrown Music Network

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